Monday, April 18, 2011

New York...New York!!!

I am a Project Runway Fanatic! Ian graciously went with me to Mood Fabrics and Bryant Park! LOVED both!! I looked intently for Tim Gunn and Swatch...didn't see them, but saw lots of fabric.

We went to Cafe Lalo after The New York Philharmonic Performance. One thing we loved about New York was how everything stays open late. We arrived at Cafe Lalo about 10:30pm and it was packed. We didn't leave until midnight or so and the place was still packed!! People drinking coffee and eating fabulous pastries and indulging in grand conversation.

The Shake Shack....amazing food!! Made fresh daily and made to order. Check out their website...pretty amazing stuff!

Dewey at the Statue of Liberty!

Opera House

Hotel Belleclaire

Here we are..... New York's upper west side at the hotel Belleclaire. Ian and I were spoiled completely! We indulged in mouth-watering food, unbelievable talent, and late night conversation. The highlight of our trip was going to the new musical, The Book of Mormon. Tastefully presented comedy, The Book of Mormon blew us away with unbelievable talent. Well done Trey Parker and Matt Stone.