Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sticky Situation

Have you ever wondered how honey is extracted? Ian and I were able to help our beekeeper mom with her honey extraction! The picture to the left is Ian holding a frame where the bees build the honeycomb.

This is a picture of the frames inside a super where honey is stored in the hive.

Using a capping knife the honeycomb is opened up and ready to be extracted.

Each frame is placed inside this extractor.

The extractor is spun until all honey is flung out of each frame.

There is all the honey!!

Yummy!! We extracted about 5 gallons of mesquite and primrose honey.

Killer Bee Honey
Kyle, TX

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Being 31

being thirty
becoming thirty-one

acceptance is key
patience with myself can be difficult
dark chocolate gelato is amazing
running with blisters on your feet is no fun
teaching at a title I school is my passion
i have many faults, one is over-committing
i am obsessed with sweeping
a long bike ride is always better with good company
a spoon full honey is essential after a 16 mile run
i can live without television
bubbabutters snuggle bug
i love swimming, but deathly afraid of rapids
he was worth the wait
"me" time is important
theres nothing like a good glass of wine
long distance relationships can work
i want everyone to feel included
need 8 hours of sleep
loves to listen
coffee with agave nectar in the morning is a must
re-kindled friendships from high school are the best
blogging is my new thing
goodbyes suck, so i avoid them
can't stand people who make others feel guilty
relationships go through seasons.....and sometimes a big drought
stop and smell the rose bushes, they smell fabulous
cherish time with family
i'm in it for the long run...maybe barefoot
orderup has the best chocolate chip cookies, i dare you to try them
life doesn't end at 31