Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeding on Demand?

Lacey had her one month appointment today with her pediatrician. She weighed in at...are you ready...10 POUNDS!! That is right, she has gained more than 2 pounds since her birth.

As you may know, I am breastfeeding. It has been a rollercoaster, but I can honestly say that it has gotten much better! I have been waking little Lacey for her feedings during the day every 3 hours and then we began letting her sleep at night. Last night was a difficult night of waking every 2 hours to feed. We think it is a growth spurt

So, Lacey's doctor today said that we can begin letting Lacey sleep and waking on her own during the day. Basically he said feed on demand. So my question is, what do you all think of feeding on demand? I read the book Baby Wise, which talks about feeding schedules and advocates Parent Centered Feeding. I have been pretty stressed out trying to keep a schedule for her, and I feel like it isn't working. I do believe that after feeding, Lacey needs a time for wake and then sleep. I guess my question is, what is your opinion on feeding schedules with your newborn? Ian and I have agreed to have a set bedtime routine. We will begin that today and try to keep that scheduled. We are going to let Lacey begin sleeping during the day and waking on her own when she is hungry. We will see how that goes. There are so many opinions out there, it is hard as a mom to know what is best.

My doctor also believes that it is important the first 4 months to make sure baby keeps that bond with mom and dad. He does't agree with letting baby cry themselves to sleep at night until baby is 4 months. He believes that a baby isn't able to console themselves at this point. He believes it is important that when a baby cries, we are there as a parent to create that bond of trust. He does recommend putting her to bed somewhat awake at night and letting her fall asleep, but not have her cry it out. My doctor did stress that this was his opinion based on his research done through his practice and personal experience. Other doctors and friends have different opinions. I am torn on what I have heard and what my doctor has expressed to us. He is a great doctor and definitely doesn't pressure us one way or another.

I hope to continue bringing up different questions and concerns as a run into them as a new mommy. I would love to hear your advice and concerns as well.


  1. Ok, every baby is different. I say go with the flow now, yours and Lacey's. She will let you know when she is hungry. As long as she is gaining weight that is a good sign. You will get into a rhythm on your own, trust it. A little bit of crying to sleep is probably ok but not to the point of no return.... trust yourselves...

  2. I agree completely! You are doing such a fabulous job, and what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa! Its been such an amazing thing, to have a friend going through what I am going through at the same time. I love our friendship! Lacey knows her Mommy and Daddy love her and are doing a fabulous job.. just look at that smile! Give the details to God, He will show you the way, and mainly trust yourself. Sounds like you have a great support system with family, friends and Drs, but dont overload yourself too much with info, if you are like me it will overwhelm you! xoxo

  3. When I had jacquelyn, I read every book I could get my hands on! I would panic when I couldn't find common ground amongst the books! I would get so crazy trying to do the RIGHT thing. Finally, I realized..she was fine. :) We were doing great. A baby knows more or less when they need to eat and sleep. That's how I feel. Just remember 1) ALWAYS be there for her 2) remind yourself: "As long as she's gaining weight, every things great" 3) SING to her (even if your a bad singer), so you can show her you love her in a different way. That's my advice.
    I sure miss those days of being a sleep deprived, crazy, parent. lol


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