Friday, February 10, 2012

One Month

We are celebrating Lacey's 1 month birthday this week! We cannot believe our little girl is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. I have yet to share our birth story, so today seems like the perfect day to do so:)

Lacey's Debut

5 am
The early morning if January 9th, I awoke having to use the bathroom for the tenth time it felt like. As I slowly climbed myself back into bed and adjusted the million pillows around my body trying to get a somewhat comfortable position, I noticed that maybe I wasn't done using the bathroom. Warm trickles followed by a gush sent me back to the bathroom while I yelled to Ian, "Um...My water definitely just broke!" Ian jumped out of bed and came in while I continued to stay seated in position on the toilet. My body begin trembling at the excitement that today was the day we would be meet our baby girl.

We immediately called my doctor and asked when we should go in to the hospital. I was dead set on going out for a big breakfast and stuffing my face, knowing I wouldn't be able to eat once I got to the hospital. The nurse said go in now, and do not eat! What!!! I really was not happy about not eating, so I had a granola bar to at least satisfy my hunger. We got to the hospital and they insisted on wheeling me in the wheelchair upstairs to labor and delivery. We were at Baptist Hospital, which I have to say was FABULOUS! My wonderful mother in law was with us along the way, taking pictures of the adventure. I was hooked up to monitors, had an iv placed in and waited...waited...and waited for contractions. Nothing. So pitocin was next, and throughout the day they kept giving me more and more. I was dilated a little over 4 cm. and almost fully effaced at this point, but my contractions were not regular. We then talked about getting an epidural, but I was feeling ok. However, I was really scared of the pain!! My doctor convinced me that getting an epidural now, when I was 4cm, would not prolong labor, and if my intentions were not to have pain, I mine as well do it they called in the anesthesiologist.

The epidural was a piece of cake! Honestly! Except for me, they had to try 3 times. The only horrible part was the shot of numbing solution they give you in the spine before the epidural. So I received the shot 3 times, I guess 3rd time is a charm. Once I relaxed my spine into position it was fine. As soon as that sucker went in, no more feeling in my legs. It freaked me out! Ian could have put my legs behind my head for all I know. I really had to stop myself from panicking about my legs being motionless and heavy. I feel that was the worst part of the epidural for me, not being able to move my legs.

After the epidural was more waiting. I believe by around 4pm is when I was fully dilated and effaced. My nurse, who was wonderful, asked everyone to leave except Ian. During the course of the day, my mom was actually flying in from Minnesota. My dad had gotten her on a flight and she was expected in around 5:30pm. To this day, we believe Lacey waited purposely for her Glam-Ma to be there:)

4pm Pushing!!
I never really thought about how hard pushing would be. Obviously, it would be hard since they call it labor! I was in active pushing labor for almost 3 hours. I felt like I was in the last chance workout with Bob yelling at me to push harder! Little Lacey wasn't moving that first hour, which was discouraging. The nurse asked if I wanted to take a break, but I insisted on keeping at it. She then asked if I wanted a mirror, which may help with pushing. I said no, I really didn't want to see what was going on down there. So, there I continued with Ian as my coach and the nurse encouraging me on to push and push. I was able to feel a bit of contractions in my upper abdominal, which helped me push. At about 6pm my mom burst into the room.
YAY! My cheerleading squad increased tremendously at that point. Once my mom arrived, it seemed as though she brought the whole cheering squad with her. I had a sudden burst of energy. Lacey's little head began to emerge with a head of hair, black hair!! The doctor came in and suited up and within two more pushes, little girl squirted out!

Weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 oz, 20 inches, we had a perfect little girl.

Happy Birthday Lacey !!!

The Shaws

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