Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Working Woman

I have always admired woman that have children and continue work full time. How do they keep the balance? Especially when there job is taking care of twenty plus children! I am faced with going back to work in a week. Knowing that Lacey will be in good hands while I am away is extremely reassuring. However, keeping the balance of my work load and family is what I am trying to process.

If you are a teacher, you can understand that our work is never ending! We could literally stay until 7pm every night and still not be done with everything. AND, to be considered a "good" teacher, you put in the extra hours helping out with tutoring, workshops, and family nights!! So, when baby and marriage come along, and priorities shift...what is the balance?

I am a "yes" person. I tend to say yes to many things. I also like to get things done efficiently. So, I tend to take on more than I need to, just so it gets done fast and on time:) Anyone else that way?? Going back to work, I have to rely on others to take the lead. I have to learn to say "no" and not feel guilty or that I am a "bad" teacher. I need to be able to leave at 3:30pm, which is the time we end our day as a teacher!

So ladies, I would love to hear from you! How do you keep the balance? How do you stop from feeling guilty that you are not putting in as much effort into your job as you were before baby?

The Shaws


  1. You can do it Mels! You are such a caring and loving woman, I know you will find that balance. Just take it one day at a time and enjoy that beautiful little girl.

  2. I leave work every day now by 315. Unless I have PTA board meetings. LOL. But in order to keep work at work, I try my best to get as much done during conference time, like grading papers and completing things online. I bring home my laptop during progress report and report card times and take time here and there when Jr. is watching TV and Ary is outside playing. The biggest thing to remember is you can always finish work tomorrow. :) I leave my desk a mess everyday, lol, and clean it during announcements. Or sometimes just getting to work that extra 20 minutes early, I can get so much done because the distractions aren't there. I got to the point where I don't volunteer for every family night anymore, and when I do, the kids are there with me. The last time, I took Jr.'s DVD player and he sat and watched a movie while I presented. Just take it a day at a time and don't worry!! Lacey will always come first now!! :)

  3. There is no perfect answer when it comes to balancing work and mommyhood! I think you have to prioritize and, obviously, Lacey and Ian come first. You were the one who always said yes and took on extra work, now it is time for you to pass that role on to the other single, no-kids teachers, or teachers who's kids are older now. There is a season for everything. You will learn to be super efficient with your plan times. For me that meant, being less social and closing my door so I could get my work done and leave when the kids leave. And, you know what? Leaving at 3:30 might just make you a better person because you do have balance and a different perspective now. Your nights and weekends will become "Lacey time" and you will cherish the moments with her even more. It's hard, but whether you work or not, you will always be "Mom" now. It isn't your job, it's who you are! And Lacey will grow up looking up to you as an amazing woman and role model. When you tell her she can grow up to be anything she wants, she will believe you because she sees you doing just that! Praying for you!


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